My first goal when designing the I Love Tennis line of jewelry was to create a one of a kind, handcrafted piece of
jewelry that unmistakenly says....... I Love Tennis. What makes these pieces extraordinary is the incredible detail,
authentic proportions and especially the drilled holes in the hand strung racket.
As a Tennis Pro and Jewelry Designer, all the tennis racket jewelry I had seen in the past was rather disappointing,
vaguely resembling a real racket. In my opinion, poorly made and  proportioned, with poorly formed grids as strings.
So my most difficult challenge was how to string it? But with a little faith I succeeded.
I hand drill very tiny .018 thousandths diameter holes in the 14kt. Gold, and hand string the racket with .015
thousandths stainless steel 24kt gold plated nylon coated beading wire. Not easy!
I was also very concerned with how it hung. I certainly didn’t want to just hang the bail from the end of the handle. So I
developed a special system, which connects the Racket with the Heart and placed it on a diagonal.
For those not interested in wearing a heart…I simply placed the gold Tennis Ball from the Trinity earring Andre Agassi
wears on the throat of the racket to attach the bail.
Cost subject to changing gold & Silver prices, Listed costs are
based on gold at $
1250       Silver at $23 per oz.       Please email me for current prices.     Checkout 40All.COM
The I love Tennis earrings pictured here are Solid 14kt.
yellow Gold, and are offered both strung and unstrung.

measures approx. 1.3 x 1.5 inches
cost in 14kt gold...unstrung   single   $245
                                                 pair    $490
strung                                       single   $305
                                                 pair    $610

cost in Silver ... unstrung       single   $128
                                                 pair    $256
strung                                        single   $188
                                                 pair    $376  
The I Love Tennis Heart and Ball earrings pictured here in
Solid 14kt.  Gold, and also offered in Sterling Silver.

measures approx. 1.1 x .5 inch
cost in 14kt gold...                  single   $170                                    
                                                      pair   $340
cost in  Silver...                       single   $96                                      
                                                      pair   $192
Prices based on $1250 gold and subject to changing market
approx: 1.8 x 1.7 inch

      cost: $408
Solid 14 kt.
Yellow &
Solid  14kt.

approx: 1.8 x 2 inch

Deoxidizing Sterling Silver
& 14 kt. Yellow Gold
approx: 1.8 x 2 inch

approx: 1.8 x 1.7 inch

I use special
Sterling Silver
for a tarnish