My name is Nicholas Zimmer, Jewelry Designer and Tennis Professional.  These disparate
activities have come together in my life journey to form a mind, body, spirit connection.
Along the way, I have been privileged to work with extremely talented Tennis players,
Coaches and Designers...
She is the wife of the man  who is arguably  the most famous  tennis coach in the world.
Nick Bollettieri, founder of The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy.
Kelli has a deep Christian faith, and asked me to design a piece that symbolized her
strong belief in the Pure Eternal Love for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. She prized
the Trinity pendant, and soon asked me to make a matching piece as a gift for Andre
Agassi, which he has cherish for many years. The original Trinity pendant and earrings
continue to be powerful Christian jewelry.
In the 1990's Andre Agassi  wore the jewelry I designed as he made a dramatic ascend
in the rankings, to number 1, winning Wimbledon, the US, French, and Australian Open,
and becoming the most inspirational tennis player in the world. The story behind the
Trinity Pendant and Andre's success while wearing it is a tale of exceptional mettle.
Andre demonstrated his mettle publicly in his amazing career successes, and now his
new book, OPEN

I selected “Precious Mettle” as my company name because:
* My Mettle (honor, integrity, honesty, sincerity) has always been very precious to me.
* As a Goldsmith and Jeweler,I work with, respect, and value precious metals.

Life's challenges have  made me acutely aware of how much my mettle means.   As a
young man I wore my mettle like a badge... or shield. My mettle made me strong and
decisive. It gave me the courage to face adversity and constantly seek new ways to
use my talents. My mettle kept me on the right path.
I believe each of us has our mettle tested at various points in life. The power of the
sacred Trinity and of Mind, Body, and Spirit keep us true to purpose, and maintains our
precious mettle. My jewelry is designed to be a touchstone and witness, helping to
remind us of the power of the Holy Trinity and our Mind, Body, Spirit connection
throughout the day, especially when our mettle is tested.

My relationship with the Trinity has evolved. The new,  Mind,Body,Spirit Trinity pendant
is a symbol of my  belief in a holistic health lifestyle. The pyramid inside the rings
represents the interplay of Mind, Body, and Spirit. That connection, and it's
relationship with the Holy Trinity of the Christian faith, are what gives the Precious
Mettle Trinities their power.
The Trinity Pendant that
Andre wears is now available
to the public. Each piece is
hand made and formed from
the original molds that
created his.
Now for my love of Tennis and the creation of the I Love Tennis Jewelry line. After
over 25 years of teaching Tennis full time, I am back to designing and manufacturing
jewelry. I'm not hanging up my racket completely, but Limiting my on court time for a
while. The results of that spare time is pictured below. I hope you enjoy these pieces
as much as the Original Trinity, and the Mind,Body, Spirit jewelry. Thank you for your
interest. May you live a full and happy life in a peaceful world!
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Thank you for your patience.
                Mind Body Spirit Tennis
I currently offer tennis instruction in the Sierra
Foothills, near Sacramento, California. My
instruction philosophy is geared toward training
the mind, and utilizing the entire body to improve
tennis performance. My techniques involve
utilizing "core" body musculature to increase shot
velocity while improving accuracy.

Group and individual lessons are available for all
skill levels. Seminars and group lessons can be
conducted at your facility.
The Trinity Pendant was originally designed as a religious touchstone and witness for
Kelli Bollittieri.