Trinity Pendant & Earring
worn by Andre Agassi
I was pretty excited when Andre Agassi won Wimbledon,The French, Australian, and U.S. Open, in route to the number
one spot, wearing my Trinity pendant and Earring. And now to have him mention the Trinity ( Pyramid with hoops as he
describes it), in his new book "Open" is very special to me. But when I see or hear of how my work has inspired,
motivated, encouraged or rewarded a promising junior, club member or league player, well that's the real joy.
Tennis and Jewelry have been my life for over 35 years. These two very different occupations seems to continue to
collide, in a good way for me. Onces again Jewelry is taking center stage, but this time with more of a Tennis theme,
then Christian.
I am very proud to offer my I Love Tennis collection of fine Jewelry. A collaboration of several skills and backgrounds,
beginning with my first career Mechanical Engineering, which lead me to Jewelry design and manufacturing, and then
to Tennis. I know! An odd combination. But, it has gotten me here and able to do what no man has ever done.
Manufacture a Hand Strung Tennis Racket with authentic proportions made with Precious metals. You will not find that
Anywhere else, not even Tiffany's!
I also wear my jewelry designs, everyday, all the time...from, teaching in 100 degree temps., to white water rafting. My
pieces looks good and wears very well.  Even the Braided leather necklace is extremely durable, and much less
expensive then precious metal pieces of equal stature.
I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site. Now! Get in there a buy something.  Enjoy.....Nick